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虚飾を削ぎ落としたミニマルな舞台装置の上で、己が肉体を駆使して演じることでその背後にある幽玄なる世界観までをも、観る者に五感を通じて体感させることができる能や狂言など、悠久の歴史を超えて育まれてきた日本の伝統芸能。その高尚さゆえ客層が硬直化し、なかなか身近な存在になりえなかったそれらを現代にふさわしいスタイルで体験できるプロジェクト、それが“see the invisible”。

Performed on the unvarnished stage, audiences experience with their five senses the elusive world that is created before them. Known for its refined aesthetic, Noh and Kyogen, the traditional Japanese arts that have been cultivated through the ages, have struggled to capture new audiences. Through a modern approach, see the invisible provides audiences with the opportunity to experience this proud cultural heritage.



The elusive atmosphere created by the graceful performances is inhabited by the invisible emotions and spirit. In the dusk of early autumn, experience the Mai (traditional Japanese dance), passed down since antiquity and performed by the heir to the Kongo school, Tatsunori Kongo, at Fushimi Inari Taisha in Kyoto. The authentic communal Noh experience of the past is revived in the present for this special night where old meets new.


  • date2017.09.08 (金)(Fri)
  • time17:00 - 19:00
  • program羽衣 & 小鍛冶Hagoromo & Kokaji
  • place伏見稲荷大社 外拝殿 & 神楽殿
    Fushimi Inari Taisha / Gehai den & Kagura den
    Invitation only / free entry
  • contact075-441-7222 (金剛能楽堂)075-441-7222 (Kongo Nohgakudo Foundation)


金剛龍謹Tatsunori Kongo


Born in 1988 in Kyoto as the eldest son of Hisanori Kongo, head of the Kongo school. From early age, he studied under his father and grandfather Iwao Kongo. He made his stage debut at age five in the Shimai “Shojo”, and made his first appearance as the Shite in the Noh play “Iwafune” at age ten. Graduated from Doshisha University, and works as a lecturer at Kyoto City University of Arts and sits as a board member of the Kongo Nohgakudo Foundation. He has since performed numerous times abroad, including a performance in the Vatican.




シテ(天女)金剛龍謹 シテ(稲荷明神)金剛龍謹
ワキ(白龍)岡充 ワキ(三条宗近) 岡充
-森田保美 -森田保美
小鼓-曽和鼓堂 小鼓-曽和鼓堂
大鼓-谷口正壽 大鼓-谷口正壽
太鼓-前川光範 太鼓-前川光範
後見-豊嶋晃嗣 後見-豊嶋幸洋
後見-山田伊純 後見-宇髙徳成
地謡-豊嶋幸洋 地謡-今井克紀
地謡-今井克紀 地謡-豊嶋晃嗣
地謡-宇髙竜成 地謡-宇髙竜成
地謡-重本昌也 地謡-重本昌也
地謡-宇髙徳成 地謡-山田伊純
地謡-向井弘記 地謡-惣明貞助






shiteTatsunori Kongo shiteTatsunori Kongo
wakiMitsuru Oka wakiMitsuru Oka
fueYasuyoshi Morita fueYasuyoshi Morita
kotsuzumiKodo Sowa kotsuzumiKodo Sowa
ootsuzumiMasatoshi Taniguchi ootsuzumiMasatoshi Taniguchi
taikoMitsunori Maekawa taikoMitsunori Maekawa
koukenKoji Teshima koukenYukihiro Teshima
koukenIsumi Yamada koukenNorishige Udaka
jiutaiYukihiro Teshima jiutaiKatsunori Imai
jiutaiKatsunori Imai jiutaiKoji Teshima
jiutaiTatsushige Udaka jiutaiTatsushige Udaka
jiutaiMasaya Shigemoto jiutaiMasaya Shigemoto
jiutaiNorishige Udaka jiutaiIsumi Yamada
jiutaiHiroki Mukai jiutaiTadasuke Soumyo

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This event will be conducted as a trial research project for the governmental “Basic Policy for Promoting Measures related to Preparations for and Management of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.”